Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chevron. Greenwashing the amazon in oil paint.

Above: From Chevron's web site. I wonder if their web designer shot himself in the head before he cashed his check.

Chevron Lobbies to Fight Amazon Pollution Lawsuit

Newsweek reports Chevron is urging the Bush administration to yank special trade preferences for Ecuador if the country’s government doesn’t quash a lawsuit against the oil company.

Chevron has been sued for dumping billions of gallons of toxic oil waste into Ecuador’s rain forest. Activists have described the disaster as an Amazon Chernobyl. Earlier this year, a court-appointed expert recommended Chevron be required to pay up to $16 billion to clean up the rain forest. Now, Chevron is lobbying the Bush administration to pressure Ecuador to quash the case.
Chevron’s lobbying team includes former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, former Democratic Senator John Breaux and Wayne Berman, a top fundraiser for John McCain.

One lobbyist told Newsweek, “We can’t let little countries screw around with big companies like this—companies that have made big investments around the world.”

Feel helpless against the awesome weight of corporate rape? You're not. Vote with your wallet. If you don't like what Chevron does, don't go there. Money talks.

SOURCE: Democracy Now

Friday, July 18, 2008

What can I say, Gore makes me feel better.

Gore has really come into his own since he left political crap slinging. It's a shame that you need to give up common sense and integrity to become suitable for President. In absence of true global leadership, I'll follow this guy.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Iran Photoshops Pictures To Hide Missile Failure

This one is right up my alley. Doing web design for a living, I have spent nearly every day of the past 15 years pushing pixels around in Photoshop. So when a bad Photoshop job crosses my eyeballs I have to post. I guess Iran's missile tests last week had a dud, which they decided to cover up using a little rubber stamp tool.

Here is the picture used in many newspapers. Note the areas of exact duplication in the smoke at the bases of the two right-hand missiles. This is classic copy/paste.

And here is the original:

And since most newspapers laid off their fact-checking staff to save money, the Photoshopped copy gets run.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jessie Jackson Threatens Obama's Nuts

Anyone remember "Hymietown"? That was the anti-semitic slur spoken to a reporter during Jesse Jackson's 1984 presidential campaign. Oops, he did it again. During an interview on FOX NEWS, of all places, he was caught saying "See, Barack been um, talking down to black people... I wanna cut his nuts off."

Wowza baby! Poor Jessie. Never seems to keep his mouth shut. When you get another white man elected President, I'm sure you'll feel good about moving the African-American agenda forward. Well done.

Here it is... you can almost SEE the glee in Bill's eyes as he introduces the tape. It's like he just won $500 bucks on a scratch ticket.

And here is the backpedal...

He said he didn't know the microphone was on, and it was a private conversation. Apparently he was upset that in a recent speech, Obama was telling a black audience they needed to take some responsibility to improve their conditions. Or something like that. I didn't care enough to Google it.

Anyway, nice one, bud! At least you are getting more creative in your senility. For a final thought, here is some random dude summing it all up nicely. Make sure you at least go to 4:45 where he drops the thoughtful discourse and launches a barrage of insults on the guy. Too funny.