Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When Rupert Murdoch controls all the news you see, hear and read, you can thank this prick.

Above image is of the FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, a loyal "Bushie" for years and is now trying to fast-track the further easing of regulatory laws which would allow a single company to own both a newspaper and television or radio station in the same city. This would be a great boon for those who find profit and power in controlling all the news you see, hear and read.

If approved, the new rules could take effect as early as this December. The FCC DOES NOT need to ask you for permission to do so. Americans do not get to vote on this.

This is something they tried to do a few years ago when another loyal Bushie and Colin Powell's son Michael (I recall listening to Howard Stern tear him a new one on the air in 2003 or so). At that time, millions of Americans mobilized, wrote letters to Congress and the FCC to do something about it, and there’s this landmark lawsuit called Prometheus v. FCC that blocked it. Of course, if such a thing happens again, the Supreme Court is very nicely set up to do Bush's will.

Martin’s push to rewrite existing rules was revealed by North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan (Democrat) during a Commerce Committee hearing on Wednesday. But Senator Dorgan vowed to put up a fight and said, "If the chairman intends to do something by the end of the year, then there will be a firestorm of protest, and I am going to be carrying the wood,” he said.

Martin leads a body of 5 FCC Commission (3 are republican, at least two are nominated by George Bush.)

These are their faces:

Feel like complaining? Hey try to bitch directly to the FCC. They may ignore it but it feels good to go on record.


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