Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hello world.

After hours and hours trying the best I can to gain some understanding of events national and global, I have come to a conclusion. I'm mad as HELL, and I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

Really, I am. And I can't stick a bumper sticker on my car and be done with it. I tried.

So here I will document, best I can, who I see as making life better, and who is making life, well... depressing to the point of inducing the lethargic anxiety that sends us into the flabby arms of American Idol, allowing us to dodge reality for a few minutes.

The name of the blog is based on a segment from the glorious Stephen Cobert's Cobert Report. In the segment he picks those worthy of admiration or scorn. As someone who has an endless supply of righteous indignation, I am more than happy to point a damning finger — or a pat on the back. I'm good like that.

So please read along, and comment back. If you think I am wrong, make a case for why that is so, and I may listen. Hey, I can take constructive criticism. You bastards.

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