Friday, April 27, 2007

TIP OF THE HAT: Diane Rehm

In a world where "Big-News" floods cable television with talking heads spewing politically biased crap-du-jour from their corporate task masters, there are still some real journalists to be found. One of the finest is Diane Rehm.

Monday through Friday, she has a two hour talk show dealing with a wide range of domestic and international topics. She is particularly good at bringing on guests from all sides of a given topic and knows what to ask them. She doesn't dodge handing out hard questions, and calls bullshit when someone tries to dodge giving an answer. She spends an hour on a topic, giving you plenty of detail from all angles. Best of all, though I would assume her to be right-leaning, she does not pomposusly inflict us with her own political agenda (read: RUSH).

She's not all politics either; many of her guests are authors, musicians, and artists. She almost got me to buy a Mary Chapin Carpenter Album last week. Almost.

Every Friday Diane sponsors a "Weekend Round-Up" where her and her guests review the big news items of the week and discuss. Best of all, if she isn't on a station in your area, you can download her shows FREE from her site: If you want to be an informed citizen, this show is not optional listening.

Plus she's kinda hot, in an old, super smart lady kind of way.

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