Friday, August 31, 2007

What I did over summer vacation...

So I've been asked where the hell I've been this month...

1. Was completely slammed at work and started to look like hell. Seems that working 18 hour days for three months has an effect on your face, meaning it looks like tuna fish. So I cut out everything that wasn't absolutely vital. All I did was work work work (and cruise celebrity blogs for updates on Britney Spears... I just can't look away).

2. I did actually take the family on vacation. We went to Washington DC. Saw dinos at the Smithsonian. Saw George Washington's dress jacket. The Bill of Rights. Hope diamond. Some art. You know the deal.

3. MOST IMPORTANT: I was having trouble finding stuff to actually bitch about! Karl Rove... GONE. Alberto V05 Gonzales... GONE. Republican Senator caught in sex scandal (as opposed to Democratic Senator)... when everything is going right for a change, what is there to bitch about?

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