Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Being A Total Douche Bag for Dummies

UPDATE: Ah, apparently this guy with the shit-eating grin is passingly famous to people watching crap TV. Shows you what I know. Big Brother 34 or something like that.

Want to be a real douche bag but don't know how? Here is a 8 minute primer. After this you will be able to:

1) Know how to discuss your douchey business in douchey terms in the appropriate douchey setting with equally douchey friends.

2) Think about, discuss and present yourself and your goals with the proper emphasis on douchiness.

3) Interact with women while maintaining maximum douche strength

4) Dealing with douche-related medical issues by finding like-minded douchey doctors.

Okay, class... let the learning begin.

I actually love Doctor 90210, but this guy and that doctor are some of the most vapid and self-possessed people I've seen so far.

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