Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gravel makes so much damn sense... no wonder they bumped him off the debates

Mike Gravel was eliminated from appearing at the Democrat Debates last week. They sited many reasons, but the result is one less voice to call the others out when they are talking jive. I think this guy is great. The fact that Hilary is #1 and this guy isn't even getting a chance to talk is one of the reasons why we're in such a mess. Anyway, he went to Nevada and staged his own debate and streamed it live. He would stop it anytime he wanted to talk. Here's a clip.

Here's him talking to the best interviewer on the planet, Diane Rehm, on why he was bumped:


Note the only other person with an interview on here... Ron Paul. I don't want another Republican in there, but he seems like a decent fellow as well.

Good luck Gravel. GRAVEL 2008 SITE

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