Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Petraeus seems like a good guy in a shitty job

Above: David Petraeus tries to approximate how high the political bullshit is piled up around his desk.

With all the comparisons between VietNam and Iraq, one thing seems to be blissfully different... no one is giving the soldiers a hard time when they return. Just about everyone is in agreement that the majority of our soldiers are trying to do what the President wants them to do, even if the whole thing was planned by "Fortunate Son" military side-steppers in that former war.

One very high profile example is David H. Petraeus, the current commander of Iraq Forces, the so called "Architect" of "The Surge." According to Boston Globe reporter Charles Sennott he has brought an imaginative and intelligent plan to help solve the snafu the small-minded cluster fuckers created.

According to Sennott, one of the Generals skills is to take the best of his soldiers and encourage them to be inventive in problem solving, which can go into such minutia as helping groups solve small issues within Iraqi neighborhoods. They help pose questions to these groups and step back and let the people solve their issues.

He also appears to be a student of history's successes and failures... is that even allowed? He even wrote at length on the failures in VietNam. What the hell is he even doing taking orders from W?

Anyway, good luck General. You have a crappy gig, and seems like a smart fellow and an exceptional soldier. It sounds like you are on your way to NATO after Iraq. With a little luck the gains you made will be meaningful.


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