Thursday, March 20, 2008

US Stem Cell Policy Inspired by Anti-Authoritarian Scifi

I have no idea if this is factual, but I love the idea of Bush sitting there enraptured during "story time." The below clip asserts that a Bush aide read a part of "Brave New World" to W, freaking him out and this informed his decisions on stem cells.
"What was it in the novel that made Bush change the course of the nation's scientific research, putting the U.S. several years behind Europe and Asia? Apparently Bush adviser Jay Lefkowitz read the President a passage from the novel about genetically-engineered babies being grown in womb factories and Bush got really quiet and upset. He seemed to think there was a direct connection between stem cell research and wholesale government control of future generations' genetic code. What he didn't realize was that the genome hacking in Brave New World is actually done to prevent the need for welfare and other pesky social programs that Bush hates -- all the working class people are designed to be strong, stupid, and enjoy manual labor so they never get annoyed by working at McDonalds. And they never demand libraries or healthcare."
Hey, George, they have Cliff Notes for it! It got you through Yale, it can get you through policy decisions!

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