Friday, August 29, 2008

HILLARY-LITE! Half the credentials as Clinton, but with that fresh Republican Taste!

Well, just 12 or so hours after Barack rode his golden chariot onto the stage in Denver comes McCain's smart bomb: Sarah Palin, 2 year Governor of Alaska has the right stuff to push out Mitt and Huckabee: A vagina!

Sorry Mitt, too late to get one in time for November.

While this move is clearly brilliant and will give some life to the Senator's run at President, I wonder if disenfranchised Clinton supporters will take the bait. Are they so desperate to see a woman in the White House that they will pick McCain over Obama, just to make sure that glass ceiling with 18 million cracks finally gets broken? McCain hopes so.

Wikipedia's short summary includes: "Palin is considered to have similar policy positions to George Bush and John McCain in most respects."

Her NRA membership, anti-abortion position, and blue collar background will certainly help enthrall the midwest housewives. Oh, and her oldest son is in the Army and being deployed to Iraq. Perfectly perfect!

Bait's on the hook ladies... wanna bite?

BTW: While some pundits are saying how shocked they are by this out-of-left-field choice, it's been an option for awhile. See the DANIEL FINKELSTEIN article from TimesOnline putting Palin on the short list way back in May.

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