Thursday, September 11, 2008

Because if I don't find a way to laugh about her, I'm going to start crying.

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Anonymous said...

Well, isn't Sarah Palin just too damn' cute? I hope the next time she's out to snuff another caribou the deer's big brother gets her from behind, kicks the shit outta her, ass-rapes her (that's right: DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW!) and then keeps on stomping on her until she's just another corrupt republican shit-stain on the permafrost.

Also, I hope her fucking family dies in a horrible plane crash (preferably with lots of kerosine burning up) – except for the little Down bugger and the pregnant teen daughter: they both look like decent people. And given the fact that a total imbecile has occupied the White House for 8 years now the little Downer could very well become our president in the future, given enough love and effort.

Well, how do you like that for a well reasoned, civilized, politically correct argument you cross-eyed nitwit "family-values" cocksuckers?

P.S.: Thanks George C. – and R.I.P.

Jay said...

I don't like Palin, but you sir, are a dick.

- Editor