Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey Democrats... you are losing control of the argument.

Why have I been watching C-SPAN all day and seen about 10 Republicans in lock step slamming of the stimulus package, and one 2-3 Democrats respectfully, sweetly, been stating their peace?

Come on Democrats, you outnumber then and have a great President... can you guys get it together?

It's obvious that even on the run the Republican Congressional game is so much stronger than the Democrats, and they have highjacked the media as well.  I am hearing their talking points repeated over and over again, and they now have polling on their side.

Can you people huddle and start getting a bit more aggressive?  WAY MORE AGGRESSIVE?


And by the way, the Republicans have spent the whole day saying that recent polling statesa majority of Americans oppose the stimulus.  That isn't true.  Can you people do a Google search and discredit obvious falsehoods when they come up?  I'll help... here is the link to the actual polling data.

Okay... time to take my medications now.

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