Friday, February 6, 2009

Obama on attack to prevent swift-boating of recovery plan

Obama took advantage of the Democratic Party speech to add some heat to his argument for the bailout/stimulus/recovery/holyshit package. He gave this speech last night, which was technically meant for the Democratic caucus, but he decided to open it up for the media. It's part of the change in rhetoric Obama has taken to regain control of the conversation about the package, which has been dominated by GOP naysayers while the President spent time reaching out.

It seems like a smart tactic as the GOPs picking out of the bill which can be easily mocked as pork, even if there is some rationale behind it once you understand them. The GOP strategy has been eroding public confidence in Obama's plan, I think particularly with less informed voters who are all ready cynical after 8 years of spin.

Glad to see Obama not taking it on the chin.

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