Monday, December 3, 2007

Islamist nutbags can officially go crazy over ANYTHING

UPDATE: It seems like someone with a grudge at the school this lady worked at caused the ruckus that landed her in jail. Also, since returning home many Muslims have showed given her support and kind words. Let's hear it for sanity.

School teacher Gillian Gibbons, a British woman working as a teacher in Khartoum (Sudan) was just released from jail after committing a grievous action against the god-loving people of Sudan. It's lucky this whack-ass infidel escaped with her head.

"I have been in Sudan for only four months but I have enjoyed myself immensely. I have encountered nothing but kindness and generosity from the Sudanese people," she said, in a statement read by British Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, one of the peers who met Bashir.

"I have great respect for the Islamic religion and would not knowingly offend anyone. I am sorry if I caused any distress."

Gibbons prompted a complaint after she let her pupils at Khartoum's private Unity High School pick their favorite name for a teddy bear as part of a project in September.

Twenty out of 23 of them chose Mohammad -- a popular boy's name in Sudan, as well as the name of Islam's Prophet.

Sudan's influential Council of Muslim Scholars had urged the government on Sunday not to pardon Gibbons, saying it would damage Khartoum's reputation among Muslims around the world.

About 50 demonstrators shouting "There is no God but Allah" and "We will die for the Prophet Mohammad" handed over a petition to the embassy about the affair.

"Retracting this light sentence ... would wound the sensibilities of the Muslims in Sudan," Council Spokesman al-Sheikh Mohammad Abdel Karim said.

Many Sudanese said they thought it was an innocent mistake which could be forgiven after an apology.

Okay, now it a sweaty demonstration over a teddy bear? People.... are you so insecure that you could be offended by a teddy bear named by YOUR OWN CHILDREN? It's not like this woman named it Prophet Mohammad and made a video of her in a mask cutting it's head off... cause that would be crazy, right? Additionally, you can call your kid Mohammad but not a teddy bear? Are you afraid people will mistakenly pray to the teddy bear as a graven image? Really? Um... huh...

I could sorta see the outrage if the teddy bear was spurned as a symbol of American Imperialism because of it being named for Roosevelt, but really, folks? Cause they name it Mohammad you're willing to run around screaming "We will die for the Prophet Mohammad"? Chill out. If you guys had cable you'd have no need for this. I suggest watching Weeds or Dexter. Those shows kick ass (and have no teddy bears from I can see.)

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