Monday, January 21, 2008

The Greatest Day of My Life

Today my 5 year old girl, in a surprise move, expressed a rabid desire to watch Star Wars. I almost cried with joy.

Since I all ready ripped my DVD to hard disc using the wonderful (and free) Handbrake, I made a copy of the original, cut out all the parts where anyone was shot, amputated, burned, or blown-up (15 minutes in all) and uploaded to my Apple TV. The "Star Wars - Episode 4 - A New Hope - Lilah Edition" was born.

Of course, with that critical 15 minutes of violent content deleted, "Star Wars" could have be renamed "Star Strong Disagreement". Did Greedo shoot first? As far as my kid knows, he didn't shoot AT ALL!

At any rate, she was overjoyed and delighted, but not a tenth as much as I was.

I officially end any desire to have a boy in order to fulfill my needs of sci-fi companionship. I don't even mind that she spends all her time watching for what kind of shoes Princess Leia is wearing.

And so it begins, young Padawan.


Otis B. said...
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Neil said...

Mazeltov! She's just made her first step into a larger world.

Bigunclejethro said...

That's awsome! She's off to a good start. Keep up the good work :)

ed said...

Constant the training must be, and love of Star Wars will she have. Redecorate her bedroom, the next step is.