Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sorry to see you both go.

Each of these guys were passionate, knowledgeable and highly experienced. Edwards was hobbled by his pledge not to take donations from special interests (and the odd way he pronounced vowel sounds), and Kucinich was just too progressive (and short). Too good candidates who may have been too white and too male to sell to a country looking to get as far as possible from anything that even looks a tiny bit like the Bush administration. I hope both of these men continue their causes, cause they are both better than who is left.

What kills me is that after 8 years of the prudish Laura Bush, would it have been so bad to see Elizabeth Kucinich strutting around the White House? Oh... now I'm the one being superficial...

Anyway, good luck gentlemen. I was looking forward to voting for either of you. Now it's only January and we're down to TWO viable candidates.

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