Thursday, January 31, 2008

McCain, Romney try out their Ronald Reagan underoos

Watching the CNN debate set in the Reagan Library. This is a fitting location as both Mitt Romney and John McCain are bending over backwards these days to fellate the corpse of Ol' Jingo in order to gain conservative street cred.

An example from Mitt: "We're in the house that Reagan built." What a brown-noser! He also took the bait when he was given the question "Would Reagan endorse you for President?" He was very assured that he indeed would. Junk question, junk answer.

An example from McCain: "I was a foot soldier in the Reagan revolution." I just threw up.

I know how Ronnie has been given conservative sainthood that has been strengthened by the mist of time, foggy baby-Boomer memories and nostalgia for "Morning in America", but can we drop it yet?

Time for these guys to stand up on their own. If you two want to be the new Reagan, I'll take my vote elsewhere, thank you.

Meanwhile Ron Paul gets a chance to speak some common sense every once in awhile between front-runner sparring. Too bad he isn't given more time. He'd better watch it though, if he gets too many jabs in he'll be excluded from future debates like the Democratic second tier.

Huckabee was also very well spoken. He got the last word and made it a damn good one. He was able to invoke the best of Reagan's spirit without putting his tongue in Ronnie's bum.

Oy vey.

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