Friday, February 1, 2008

Clinton and Obama show some class

In the last televised debate before "Super Tuesday", Clinton and Obama passionately discussed the issues with civility, in great detail and with great clarity. While making sure to set themselves apart from the other, they stated their positions without sidestepping and explained why their positions were better. They discussed a wide range of topics, many emailed from citizens and voted on for importance via the web.

Even Wolf Blitzer kept it business-like (beside perhaps a few jabs at Clinton) and kept the hype to a minimum.

Overall, an excellent showing for both would-be Presidents. After watching McCain and Romney get all ticky tacky with eachother the night before, this was a welcome change. Neither of these two are my ideal choice, but with the bar so low that it's practically in the dirt, we have some good choices for Democrats.

If we could only get the Holy Ghost Homo-paranoia out of Hucklebee, add in about 80% of Ron Paul's Common sense, Mitt's hair, and whatever good is left of McCain that hasn't been hollowed out by the Republican machinery, the other side would have a good candidate to match.

But let's not forget Mike Gravel in all of this... I still like that guy. Excluded from this debate, he still held his own to web stream an alternate debate where he could get his thoughts in.

Overview and clips: CNN

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