Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Texas Border Wall Bypassing Wealthy Residents with Bush Admin Ties

The Basics: American land owners are being forced to give up land for the US/Mexican wall... unless you are a friend of George W or give him 35 million for his Presidential library.

"With the Texas Democratic primary and caucus less than a week away, the Bush administration’s plan to build a wall along part of the southern border has suddenly become a campaign issue. After many landowners refused to give over their land for the eighteen-foot-high wall, the Department of Homeland Security began filing lawsuits against some homeowners. At the same time, the government is leaving large gaps to avoid building the wall on the property of wealthy residents, including those with ties to President Bush."

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Anonymous said...

Taking land by eminent domain is nothing new. One would think that folks on the border would welcome that wall, so long as they're compensated for the land. But yeah, there's no excuse for treating these people any differently.