Friday, February 15, 2008

Cosmetic Darwinism?

I tend to disagree with this woman's viewpoint on plastic surgery — I actually even dipped into it myself for some love handle lipo last year, and was very pleased — but her points are valid. She considers the trend to more and more cosmetic procedures to be creating "Cosmetic Darwinism."

I think people (and many animals) have always wanted to look like whatever ideal their biology implies. Look better, more sex. More sex, more chances to reproduce. The downside when the look is artificial, of course, is that even though you had the doctor give you Angelina Jolie's lips, your kid will still have your genetically defined lips. At least until cosmetic surgery goes genetic.

People, life is short. If you look like DeVito and want to look like DiCaprio, go for it. Just don't cry if you end up like some kind of Star Trek transporter accident.

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