Thursday, December 18, 2008

600 pound shark killed for a fin: Is this really necessary?

A commercial fisherman reccently caught a 663-pound hammerhead off the Coast of Volusia County, Florida. The shark measures more than twelve feet long. To further prove this planet will be much better off when the last human is dead, the asshole decided he just had to kill it.

Some user comments on this video say it better then I could:

"Commercial fishing has nothing to do with subsistence or sustainability; it is motivated by unbridled greed, just as surely as the yuppies trading derivatives on Wall Street."

"as an avid fisherman i can tell you that anyone who keeps a fish just to sell its fins and have the fish mounted is a neanderthal. the fins are the only edible part of a shark because its meat smells and tastes of amonia. the fins are an unnecessary delicacy that have to specially cured. a taxidermist makes a fiberglass replica and only needs the specimen for measurements and markings. something a fishermen can do with a tape measure and a camera before releasing the fish.
catch and release or only keep what you can eat ."

"I live on the coast where this shark was caught. Although we do have a high proportion of shark attacks here in Volusia County, the attacks are usually concentrated in areas where sharks feed like Ponce Inlet, a popular surfing spot. Vary rarely do hammerheads attack humans here. Sad end to a beautiful animal."

"Sad. Just sad."

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