Monday, December 22, 2008

FOX News ridicules PETA, Children, Eat KFC

As someone who takes my little blogging outpost here seriously, I feel obligated to get my info so I can be "fair and balanced". That said, I try and avoid FOX News, as it is neither, though claims both. I just can't take that kind of a hit for readers. Turning into Uncle Rupert's brainchild is a little too much like having my brain starved and raped simultaneously.

That said, many others do. Many consider it their primary source of news/talking points. Fox usually returns their loyalty with standard issue corporate mindfucking, feeding those with lazy minds with plenty of information that supports their simplistic world views. Too harsh?

Here's a case in point: Listen to them rag on PETA during a protest of KFC...

These hosts are so half-witted, I'm shocked that FOX actually archives their videos online. Not only slamming PETA people as "a bunch of lonely people," they give KFC on-screen product placement as well. They also slam the bikini girls PETA is using to attract attention as sexist while having the Ann Coulter look-alike with them in the mini and open blouse.

After that, they go after kids who are trying to get their parents to think more eco-conscious, then top it off by mocking people who think you should avoid having large families.

I would actually feel bad for them, if they went hurting the country.

By the way, KFC has an awful track record in regards to chicken cruelty, etc. It's not just a protest of eating chicken. Here's a clip from last year showing some KFC workers bash the living shit out of some poor animals. Don't watch if you are squeamish.

Story originally found on ecorazzi.


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