Saturday, December 27, 2008

Republican leadership candidate distributes "Barack the Magic Negro"

Top three reason's why Chip Saltsman is a total dick:
  1. It's bad enough the guy's name is Chip Saltsman

  2. It's worse that he's such a cheapskate that he makes mix tape CDs for gifts

  3. It's worst of all he's a racist pig
(I had more but I'm trying to be less wordy.)

RNC candidate Chip Saltsman’s Christmas greeting to committee members includes a music CD with lyrics from a song called “Barack the Magic Negro,” first played on Rush Limbaugh’s popular, yet asinine radio show.

“I look forward to working together in the New Year,” Saltsman wrote in a note that came with the CD. “Please enjoy the enclosed CD by my friend Paul Shanklin of the Rush Limbaugh Show.”

Chip denies being a total dick: "I think that RNC members have the good humor and good sense to recognize that his songs for the Rush Limbaugh show are light-hearted political parodies.”

Glad to see that the GOP has read the will of the electorate accept that they have nearly screwed the country with their agenda, and with humility (not to mention newfound wisdom) are moving forward with an eye toward reconciliation.

Now look at the picture above... do you think he became a total dick BECAUSE his mother named him Chip Saltman, or he looked like a dick right from infancy and his mom merely gave him a name to fit?

Read more at The Hill
If you must, listen to the song.


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