Saturday, December 6, 2008

Disaster Junkies Rejoice!

Awesome website let you monitor global disasters better than the Justice League.

Ever wonder if there is a bio hazard going on in Africa while you do your Christmas shopping? Well, NOW YOU CAN! Through the power of the Internet and an assist from a Google Map-ish UI, yoy get two great sites.

The Havaria Information Service Alert Map – Gives devistationitas the skinny on biological hazards, earthquakes, volcanos erruptions, or large storms across the globe. As a bonus, you can get the Google Earth file for download.〈=eng&lang=eng

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Get the Global Warming Disaster tip-off through the Climate Change Monitoring site. Drought, Sea Level Rises, Migratory Disruption, and Glacier Melts all well documented here.

Put on your favorite Smiths Album and embrace the crushing horror. Enjoy!

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