Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Is it just me or does Gravel and Kucinich have a whole Jack Klugman/Tony Randall thing going?

Show of hands: who watched the YouTube/CNN debate? That many huh. Too bad, cause I thought it was great. I think any approach that differs from the status quo is good. They had YouTubers publish questions and used those to keep the Democrats off-balance. They will do the same to do the Republicans shortly.

What shocked me was Dennis K... did everyone know hot hot his wife was (yes, I'm obsessed)? He could offset his gnomey look by putting her more front and center. You have to hand it to a guy that can look like that but marry someone who looks like THAT. If he can pull that off, he can do anything. He's got my vote.

Gravel is also wonderful, as always. This guy has been around too. It's too bad he comes off like an angry Grampa, cause he's done a lot, including sticking it to Nixon with the "The Pentagon Papers", which is all but forgotten.

But them both on a ticket and you'd have the Odd Couple of American politics. Bet they'd do quite a good job too.

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