Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth makes me nostalgic for lost innocence/really good rock bands

THE LEAST YOU NEED TO KNOW: I'm old and cranky, but buy compact fluorescent bulbs.
Sitting here watching Live Earth today. I've got my dual tuner recording both channels the various shows are being broadcast on, one of which is in HD. All on my big flat screen. It's a long way from 1985, TWENTY-TWO (could it be that long ago?) years ago, when my massive VCR was tied via coaxial cable to my 13 inch TV taping LIVE AID, the concert to provide some famine relief in Ethiopia. What a difference 22 years makes. I was 15, was sporting a mullet, and was entranced. The Who/Led Zep reunions, Duran Duran, Sting, Queen at their greatest, and that fantastic U2 set that took them from "good band" to "iconic".

These days I know only some of the performers, and I don't have enough hair for the mullet (thankfully, I suppose) but the good thoughts are still there, and despite my compounded cynicism after 22 extra years, maybe some of the hopeful innocence. Hopefully we all can find enough of that to make a change, however small, to get our global house in order.

Tip of the hat to those who worked so hard to put this wonderful show together.

Here's two clips from the 1985 show that taught me people could make a real difference, which I still believe. Call me a nostalgic fool, but look at these two clips and tell me if anything in the past 20 years comes close to this level of rock nirvana. They don't make em like Freddie Mercury anymore... both Queen and U2's '85 sets were beyond musical... they were transcendent. That said I just watched Madonna's Live Earth set and she's still amazing. Is it wrong to want to fuck someone old enough to be your parent? Catherine Zeta Jones, help me out here.

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