Thursday, July 26, 2007

Massachusetts must feel like a hungover 23 year-old girl the morning after a one-night stand.

Mitt Romney's been working hard to shed the "of Massachusetts" part of the "Former Governor of Massachusetts" bullet on his resume. For example, from his web site:
"The U.S. Supreme Court would see more conservative justices under a Mitt Romney administration, the former Massachusetts governor told an audience at the McKelvie Middle School last night.

"'I will tell you that this is a watershed point for the Supreme Court,' Romney said. 'And I will appoint justices like Roberts and Alito and Scalia . . . and Thomas.'

Has anyone else thought it odd that Mitt Romney was somehow able to swoop into one of the most liberal states in the union, romance her, make eye contact, give her an expensive dinner at a swank nightspot, then got her drunk and fucked her sport-sex-style in a calculated resume builder move for his presidential bid? It's almost like he said... governor of a state... CHECK! Now let's shed those liberal statements and grab them bible-belt Republicans with one liners like 'We should DOUBLE the size of Gitmo!'

The next morning, Massachusetts wakes up and in the cold light to realize Mitt was all ready gone without so much as a note, realizing she just did "the deed" with everything she actually loathes.

It must have been the cheap wine and the expensive suit.

Make up your own mind about Mitt HERE


Anonymous said...

So here's this 23-year-old hottie in a bar, looking to get some. She's really not interested in half the people there, because she doesn't play for that team. She's thought about taking care of things for herself, but that's not really doing it for her right now. So she looks around at what's out there.

There's that guy from New York that she's heard about. Supposedly a tough guy, but she's heard about some cooky things he's done. Then there's that soldier from Arizona. She's got a lot of respect for soldiers, but he's done some flaky things, too. There's that sweet talker from Texas but...has he looked in a mirror recently? He's not going to get any. Hmmm - a bunch of other nodescript guys - a guy that looks kinda grandfatherly and nice, but hasn't said two words of substance to her. Wait, who's this guy? Nice suit, cheap wine, saying the right things now at least. (Takes one last look around)...well, looks like she'll go with Mr. Right Now.

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