Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why didn't somebody tell me Kucinich's wife was this SMOKING HOT???

I don't think I am shocking anyone with this: MEN ARE JUDGED BY WHO THEY ARE SLEEPING WITH. That said, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Democratic third-tier candidate for president, NEEDS to put his 29 year-old tongue-pierced wife Elizabeth front-and-center. Dennis seems like a solid guy, he's says the right things, voted for and against the right things, and has the right attitude. On the down side, he looks like a garden gnome. In the world of political celebrity, looks matter, sorry to say. Blame JFK. But, like the concept that you can smoke coal out your ass but "carbon offset" that amount by planting trees or whatever, Dennis can use "gnome-offset credits" by getting this woman out front.

Dennis, Please accept this rough concept for your next poster (above).

No need to thank me... thank YOU. You give geeks everywhere hope.

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