Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ahmadinejad - In the Name of Almighty BLOG

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (if you don't know who he is please close this window, you're of no use to me – please return to watching Entertainment Tonight) has a BLOG!!!

Unfortunately, no one can spell his name, so his Google stats are awful (little wed-designer joke there). He is quite interesting in a very dry, "In the Name of Almighty God-the All-Knowing, the Most Lovingly ‎Compassionate" kinda way. It's all propaganda, but he's obviously a wise man who has played Bush well to gain some status for Iran and is a good PR man. Check it out.

Even better, read the stuff views post. Like this dude:
D DuBois - America

Cool... are these all real comments from real people? Or planted? Anyway, your blogs are somewhat formal sounding. Why not loosen up the language a little for the American readers? And could you tell us a little about your home life and your family and what your daily routine is like. Also what kind of music do you like? What is your favorite color and what is your favorite sport?

Hmmm... what COLOR is his favorite... I wonder...

And of course, the kiss-asses:
ali khan - Iran

His excellency, it gives me immense pleasure to visit your site and post my comments this fabulous blog of a leader of free world not only islamic world. i have been following the remarkable efforts that you are pursuing in bringing the world together and making it a more safe place to live.Standing against the bullies has proved that you are a man of grit and character.Its high time that all islamic nations leave their fixation of sunni -shia divide and work towards ensuring more prosperous and powerful islamic community.I am a sunni muslim but a strong critic of sunni capitalist politics which leaves behind the interest of common people.Iran is a true islamic state in meaning and spirit.May almighty allah bless Islamic Republic of iran and its visionary and distinguished leader imam khomeni(RA). may allah bless you,you are the voice of repressed people of the world

Bullies? What bullies?

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