Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Meet my new hero.


CresceNet said...

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Chub said...

I couldn't agree more. Walruses should not wear skinny jeans. A nice tank top and shorts would be OK, but certainly not a muscle shirt. A muscle shirt on a walrus would DEFINITELY make him look fat. Especially if the shirt had horizontal strips.
I'm glad you could find a video of a lad well tuned in to the important issues of the day. Very refreshing.

SiNuS BRaDy said...

this shows the problem w/ our user-generated society ::: a culturasocietal disconnect that is wrapped in the bacon of entertainment value over &/or versus quality of life & the defense of our rights to a better world ::: not sure if this will make sense, but ... here goes ::: >>>

so, this superhero of internal fashion psychosis babbles on & on & on & on about how heavy people should not wear certain form-fitting clothes in public & whatnot ... meanwhile ... the bigger issue, the freudian slip here might be along the lines of a nation that can no longer comfortable wear the faux-moniker of freedom & justice for alL ::: a nation that once stood for the principles of democracy, for the people by the people, blah blah blah ... now decides which regimes should convert to consumer-based, capitalism in the clever disguise of democracy ... other heroes, men and women just as young as this chap here, are overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan & god knows where else, fighting for the twist of lime that we put on the mojito of the world ... & a sugary sweet concoction it is, because at the outer tip & tit of this 'shaken, not stirred' molotov cocktail we perpetually produce, the output eventually are vlogs & other similar user-generated pots of unimportant beef stew ... America's Got Talent, The Rock of Love, CSI Miami Ink ... slightly post-teen soldiers are standing up & defending our freedom to mindlessly vlog w/ no world consciousness efforted whatsoever ... utterly free ... utterly frivoulous ... mindporn for freedom 2008 ::: you got my vote, just watch out for that landmine ::: >>>