Monday, December 24, 2007

Working and the Holidays

A very thoughtful friend of mine posted a questions on LinkedIn today:

How many LinkedIn users out there will be working over their little holiday break? Is this corporately inspired? Your own work ethic | addiction | insanity? How many will just be checking in on social networking apps like LinkedIn, but not necessarily for work-like purposes?

My answer:

I'll answer with a portion of an email sent by a client, which I think sums up the issue nicely...
"We will be available throughout the holidays, and this weekend, to provide you with feedback. Can you get us something tomorrow or Sunday? I can commit to 24 hours turnaround. While each of us are out a day here and there, this is obviously a very high priority for us and we will get you feedback quickly."
This was obviously written by an executive, as the "very high priority for US" is generally not shared by the other members of "US", who no doubt would rather go spend some time with their family... or watch a James Bond marathon of TBS... ANYTHING but work.

I resist the need to work over the holidays – there are many things more important – but sadly the erosion of "work/non working time" has been so dramatic across the American corporate landscape, taking a constant block of time is increasingly difficult, especially for those who are self-employed.


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