Monday, December 17, 2007

FCC Chair Kevin Martin can't WAIT to make sure you stay uninformed

Federal Communications Commission Chairman (READ: BUSH LACKEY) Kevin Martin has refused to delay a vote on his proposed changes to rewrite media ownership laws. The vote is set for Tuesday.

The FCC Chair says he has suggested a “relatively minor loosening of the ban on newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership.” But there has been a groundswell of public opposition to his proposal. Last Tuesday, the Senate Commerce Committee unanimously voted to block the FCC’s December 18th vote.

But two days later, Martin insisted on moving forward with the vote during a heated exchange with Senator John Kerry at the Committee’s oversight hearing. It appears that only half his team agrees with the rush. Sounds like someone is in a hurry. I wonder why? I wonder who REALLY wants this pushed through? Who would profit the most? Here's a hint: His name starts with R and ends with Murdoch. Maybe?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I know this sounds dull, but if you at all depend on the news media to help you learn about what is going on in the world, look into this. You can read my former post on this, yes, DOUCHE BAG. I'm sorry folks, I need to call it like I see it: When Rupert Murdoch controls all the news you see, hear and read, you can thank this prick.

C-SPAN'S COVERAGE... would John Kerry have been such a bad President, Swift Boat people? Listen to him stand up and bitch slap this guy. Geez even Republican Senator Ted "Uncle Crazypants" Stevens thinks it's a bad idea.

Please read an interview with Craig Anderson of the Free Press HERE.



SiNuS BRaDy said...

i love the fact that Kevin Martin is not just 1 Summer's Eve ... but he is actually a double-douche in your little visual equation of truth there ... nice, nice, nice ::: love this blog, my friend ::: love it ;] ::: >>>



Jay said...

Thank you Sinus. If I can help just 1 person know that Martin is a double-douche, I have done my job.