Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blackwater mercenaries "advise" Romney: This is getting serious, folks.

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a senior advisor named Cofer Black. Mr. Black is currently the Number 2 man at BLACKWATER, the rent-a-soldier corporation who have been accused of killing Iraqi civilians and appear to have no legal or military consequences for their actions.

Questions for discussion:
  • How much do you want a corporate-controlled military force to be involved in the political process of you country?

  • How do you feel about a mercenary force gaining power and influence in the United States that does not have to answer to Congress, the US Military or the Judicial System?

  • How do you feel about a corporation building it's own military force that not only is on the ground in Iraq, but has BOOTS ON THE GROUND IN THE UNITED STATES?

  • What happens when a President's chief military advisor stands to gain billions from military actions?

LAST QUESTION: What happens when a militarily-reinforced corporation, whose soldiers are loyal to a COMPANY – not the COUNTRY – decide that a person, a group, or perhaps a President, is adversly affecting it's bottom line?

C'mon people. Stop judging your candidates on race, sex, religion, or appearance. This is really serious. Blackwater, despite an ongoing investigation and a direct order from the government of Iraq to leave the country, continues to grow in profit, power, and influence. You think Wal-Mart sucks? What about a military corporation with the ear of a sitting President.

Vote wisely. We're on a very slippery slope here. I have no axe to grind with Romney, but he's moving is some shady circles getting dubious info, and we've seen how that has gone since 2001. This is Revenge of the Sith shit we're playing with.

More info on this at: Democracy Now or

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