Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's time to stop treating our political parties like baseball teams.


Americans are loyal people. We take sides over just about anything – Coke vs Pepsi, Windows vs. Macintosh, Evangelical vs. Catholic, whatever. We pick a side and tend to stick with it no matter what. The more someone tells us we're on the wrong side, the more we dig in and get inflexible - even if we can't remember why.

And that's cool. Buy your 2 month old baby a Patriot's jumper to sleep in. Put a "DODGE SUCKS" bumper sticker on your Ford. I don't care.

But what about politics? We tend to vote the same way we watch baseball. But politicians aren't baseball teams. The Republicans are not the Yankees. The Democrats are not the Red Sox. And they do not deserve our blind loyalty.

We need to shift from voting based on loyalty and start voting based on service. Try not to think of the President as the pitcher for your team... think of him as a salesman - which is all he is. If he isn't delivering, jump ship and look for someone with a better product.

You want to scare the shit out of your elected officials depending on that classic American loyalty? This will do it.

The game is over. Stop being Democrats. Stop being Republicans. Start being informed Americans.