Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Charlie Chaplin: left wing liberal bastard, hates freedom, supports terrorism

I missed most of it, but I just happen to catch the end of some liberal whack-job's new propaganda flick. I think the dude's name is Chaplin and the "film" is called The Great Dictator. Now, I don't know much about this guy, but after listening to his speech (see clip below), I am enraged. How dare he speak this way about our President? Look Charlie, it's obvious you don't support the war in Iraq, but to call President Bush "a dictator"?!? I just hope Ann Coulter tears this Michael Moore wanna-be a new asshole when she hears about this.

His speech features all the standard-issue liberal talking points. For example, he blathers that "we don't want to hate and despise." You want to be soft on the terrorists? Move to France, le tramp. And the part about soldiers being used "as cannon fodder"... a typical liberal not supporting the troops and the sacrifices they make everyday so you can preach your pro-life/gay marriage/stem cell loving agenda. Save your east coast double-talk for someone who cares, Chaplin. I just wish there was still a Soviet Union so we could send your sorry arse into their Godless arms where you belong. And what's with the accent... you learn to speak playing polo with John Kerry? If I was the Vice-President, I'd invite you to go quail hunting... just so I could shoot you in the face myself.

Oh yeah -- and next time, spend a little more cash and get a color camera and a decent microphone. This isn't the 1930s.


Seriously though, spend a few minutes and watch this clip. It is the last bit from his 1940 film The Great Dictator. Chaplin's words resonate as if he was talking about current events, though it was filmed 67 years ago. The players change though the game remains the same.


Anonymous said...

Look. That was obviously a movie clip -_- Liberal Beliefs are for the people genious. And his speech is about freedom and unity of all men. The only reason i even found this terrible blog was accidentally through google images

Anonymous said...

One of the worst things I've ever read. If I were you I would delete this highly insulting post about a great man.