Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Paul Wolfowitz: "In my defense, she does this awesome thing with her pinky finger..."

Former deputy United States defense secretary, architect of the Iraq war and overall neo-con prick Paul Wolfowitz is in trouble at his latest gig, President of the World Bank. Accused of giving his girlfriend Shaha Riza a big promotion, many European countries want to give him the boot in order to salvage the Bank's reputation. Since he got this cushy job by getting into bed with Dubbya Bush, I suppose he thought giving his main squeeze a nice job bump and pay raise was fair play. In another display of irony in action, the woman is question is labeled a "Middle East expert". Hmmmm.... a middle east expert would have been someone handy to have around before hatching the invasion of Iraq plan. Oh well.

Since it was Bush that gave him the gig (the United States gets to nominate this position because we put in the most money), you'd figure that the administration might see this breech of ethics as something worth criticizing. Nope. "We stand by our support of Paul as the World Bank president," White House spokesman Tony Snow said. You could almost guess he'd say that, didn't you? I'm expecting Bush to make a statement like: "You know, after hearing the allegations, I am even MORE confident that Paul is the right man for this job. He's good people. Doin' a hell of a job." Apparently the Bush administration is doing everything they can to keep the Bushy in the job, but within the next few days he'll get his golden parachute and off he goes. I'm sure his "tell all book" will be a hoot.

So World Bank... what is it? Their web site declares their mission is "a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world... we provide low-interest loans, interest-free credit and grants to developing countries for education, health, infrastructure, communications and many other purposes."

"Working for a World Free of Poverty" is their tagline. Pretty noble. No gripes with that. I guess Wolfie thought his girlfriend was in danger of poverty with a tiny 133K salary. The bump to 190K was just a way to help alleviate her sorry condition. Meanwhile this institution has to spin it's wheels and waste it's time and reputation dealing with this jackass. No worries, right? Uganda was fucked up last month, it will still be fucked up after Wolfowitz wastes time making sure his ego is left in tact. What a humanitarian.

I hope to write his career a formal obit in an upcoming post.

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