Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell and blonde from "The View" have intelligent catfight on national television.

I know this one is a few days old now. Rosie O'Donnell ("liberal left") argues politics with Elisabeth Hasselbeck ("conservative right") on The View. So why bother doing a posting on it? I actually think that this level of debate is great to see on network TV -- and on fluffy daytime television no less.

Try to find this kind of ernest heart felt debate elsewhere on television... that people actually WATCH. Each one articulately stated her opinion and got heated without tossing coffee. Too bad our recent Democratic and Republican debates aren't as energetic.

It's unfortunate O'Donnell is not only leaving the show, but I hear has actually left. I think they may have started quite a few much needed conversations among housewives around the country. I also applaud the producers for skipping the commercial ques and letting it play out.

Of course now I'm getting physically ill for saying something nice about this show. Next I'll be finding reasons to think "Die Hard 2" was worth watching.

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