Monday, May 21, 2007

NEWS ALERT: Daily Show's Jon Stewart beheads two pundits on national television

People have turned from corporate news for lots of reasons. Many now get their news from "fake" news like The Daily Show and Colbert Report. For my money both those shows give me realer news than any FoxNews "ALERT", and nobody makes the fake news realer than anchorman/writer Jon Stewart.

Here he is being interviewed back in 2004 by former CNN "Crossfire" jackass turned "Dancing With The Stars" jackass Tuker Carlson, he of the silly trademark bow tie. I've always loved this clip. I think this interview was the moment that transformed Tucker from prime-time cutie-pie pundit to... well... nothing. Watch how he takes the show over. Brilliant. By the way, between the insults are DEAD ON insights into why corporate news is "hurting America."

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