Thursday, May 17, 2007

I hope they do a 'God kills queers' version of "Purple Rain" next!

I don't like giving screwballs free publicity, but sometimes people strike the perfect balance of "frightening", "hilarious", and "bat-shit insane." When that happens, you gotta give them some props.

Somewhere in the grassy plains of Topeka, Kansas is a gaggle of misfits so whacked that they not only have an ultra-uber-extreme fear of homosexuality (the signs above are their creativity), they also have a severely lame taste in music. Put the two together, and you get "God Hates the World," a redressing of the 1985 pop-meets-activism anthem "We Are the World."

The group, Westboro Baptist Church, has taken the song written to save African famine victims and spun it into a opus of intolerance and damnation. Lyrics include "You are all a part of the devil's family and the truth, you're all headed straight to hell!"

According to Associated Press, the church contends that soldiers' deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan are God's punishment for a tolerance of homosexuality in the United States. They have been seen picketing soldiers' funerals and Congress has enacted laws to restrict such behavior. "It's all our effort to deliver a faithful message to this generation," said Shirley Phelps-Roper, church attorney and daughter of the pastor. The fact the song was co-written by Michael Jackson seems to escape their sense of irony.

They even made a shitty video to go with the shitty song! The fat lady really belts out the Huey Lewis parts. Sadly, the video also has montages that include small children holding signs that say "pedophile rape enablers" and "fags doom nations."

But hey, don't let me sway your opinion... check out these wing-nuts yourself:

Those of you from outside the U.S., please don't think we are all this nuts. I know that between our current political leaders and BORAT we all look like we're Bible thumping bigots, but most of us are are pretty decent. Except for the Jews for Jesus... they eat babies and cry tears of acid. God will destroy them for their sins.

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Tim said...

Gotta love the nut jobs. The video is hilarious! I especially like the excellent production quality at the end, where the the video speeds up and zips past the audio.

Now that I know God does hate me I can go back to that porn I was watching and six pack of beer. I feel liberated now.