Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fwd: Jihad -- A MUST SEE!

You know those crazy email chain letters your Aunt Lillian sends all the time? They are usually total crap but you don't want to hurt Auntie's feeling by telling her to stop sending them. I often receive forwarded alerts about the latest Microsoft virus, chain letters telling everyone to boycott gas stations on a certain day to bring down Exxon, and poems about friendship with animated hearts and kittens, but warning you that if you don't forward it you aren't a real friend.

I just got this one: "Fwd: Jihad -- A MUST SEE!". See, it's all about jihad... and not just jihad, but


Click here to see a flash movie EPIC (they even use bullet sound effects and O Fortuna!

Look, I know we have terrorists out there trying to do bad things. We were ALL dazed and shocked by 9/11's brutality. I'm sure we'll get slammed again eventually. Bad bad bad. That all said, let's all get a grip, huh? The world isn't as bad as fear-mongers would have you believe. For every homocidal fanatic there is out there, there are many times more good people who want peace and understanding.

What is the point of this movie anyway? To scare the Depends undergarments off a bunch of retired people in a trailer park outside Orlando? A pro-Israel group keeping the true believers rallied? Maybe. Hey, could it be... MONEY???? Ah yes, it IS money! Note the link at at the beginning and end asking you to help "support" the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

I'm not familiar with your work in particular, but let's chill out, shall we Mr. Horowitz? You want to get some support for your agenda or ernestly want to save people's lives, go ahead and put them on the net for free. Using fear to shake the loose pocket change from the scared-shit-less... isn't that what a terrorist would do?

P.S. As a web designer, I am appalled by the overuse of canned flash type effects that that damn bullet sound effect, though it did make me giggle. I also liked the photoshopped crescent flag on the White House. oooooh.... scary!!!! I better cut Horowitz another check.


Anonymous said...

Now this confuses me. You seem like a totlly different person in this comment. Why were you against "dictater" (british comic and actor) Charlie Chaplin for talking about unity of man and peace but you seem to be saying that thier are many more good people and peace will happen.

Anonymous said...

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