Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Queen Elizabeth II may be an immortal

At a recent White House ceremony for Queen Elizabeth's American visit, The President stumbled on a line in his speech...

President Bush: "You helped our nation celebrate its Bicentennial in 17... in 1976..."

(Pause and laughter)

Queen Elizabeth: (Inaudible)

President Bush: "She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child."


I'm not slamming Bush on this at all here, he's never been the best speech reader, and he turned his gaff into a pretty funny ongoing joke between himself and the Queen. The faces are priceless. American humor vs British as seen in the photos. Very nice. This is actually one of the moments when I like Bush. And then I catch myself liking him and make little cuts on my wrists with a razor.

You can see the video HERE.


Jonathan said...

I'd give tuppence to know what she was thinking.

Jay said...

Probably "you are a dick." :-)