Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here's a thought, Mr. President

Hey Mr. President... hell of a nice thing you did today, making nice with the GOP and all. Real bipartisan. Love that whole concept. It's clear you are trying.

That said, you'll have a better chance at getting North Korea to negotiate in earnest than getting these people to play ball. I realize that the GOP feels "out of the loop" in forming this package and all, but hey... they LOST. Since they obviously have no ideas besides "cut more taxes", and had just completed failed years of iron-fist rule, perhaps it's time for them to SIT-DOWN. Or be told to sit down. By you, the President.

The GOP with NEVER EVER want you to create a NEW New Deal, because they have spent the last 60 years trying to tear down the OLD Old Deal. They mean well, I'm sure. They are just unable to come up with anything new except contradict themselves, site reports that do not exist, or stonewall.

You must know this. You have clearly proven yourself a great strategist. I trust you on this. Most of the country does. As you can see by the image above, millions of people think you are the best thing since kittens and rainbows.

Now go get that thing passed, Mr. President. I'd love a real bipartisan moment too, but I don't think it's possible, and time is short. Despite some jugheads saying you can take your time on this, we may not have any jobs left next week.

But you know this all ready. You live in the real world, at least up until a week ago. But it's still here, and we're bleeding cash, but we believe in you.

Your friend in Democracy,

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