Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why the GOP is dying... and why we should let them.

"SadieGirl", on a recent posting on Huff, sums up my thoughts nicely.
"I am so sick of the Republicans talking about 'conservative values'. What a bunch of hypocrits. For 8 years they have never once considered their constituants, gave Bush a blank check for everything he wanted, have totally wiped out our job industry and failed every single American. And NOW they want to talk their conservative values cheap speak. They don't want Obama to succeed, they don't want American to succeed - unless it's under their watch.

They, like Limbaugh are traitors. They have plundered this country for 8 years and they are willing to sacrafice our country for another 4 years by playing party politics while America falls one job at a time.

Well, the whole world and everyone in America is watching. And their are a lot of House seats up for grabs in 2010. The way the GOP base is shrinking, and more so everyday with all Americans watching their behavior, that party is dying out quickly. They can meet all the want to try and rectify that party, however they are too selfish and greedy so they will never make a comeback.

Minorities on on the rise and all the old white folks will soon be gone - and so will the Republicans. I look forward to waving goodbye."
We continue to see groupthink from the GOP. As they desperately try to rebrand themselves as the economically responsible party, they have acheived one major coup: everyone is talking about them again (even us a-hole bloggers). They have so very few cards left to play, so they will continue to do what they do best; confuse, distract, and deny. And pray to Jesus that Obama is blow it.

The GOP is tired. Bush tossed a match into the ammo-shed and blew the entire wad. Now they are a smoldering shell. With luck, they will burn out completely, and get a new opposition party that was contrast the revived Democrats with more than bad rhetoric and fear mongering, the only tools they seem to have left.

People who call themselves Republican is at a 20 year low.


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