Monday, January 26, 2009

Krugman's advice to Obama on opponents of stimulus package: Fuck 'em.

From the Huffington Post

Krugman: Obama Should Ignore "Huffing And Puffing" Stimulus Opponents

Economist Paul Krugman has been somewhat critical of President Obama's stimulus plan. But today in the New York Times he defends the proposal:
"As the debate over President Obama's economic stimulus plan gets under way, one thing is certain: many of the plan's opponents aren't arguing in good faith. Conservatives really, really don't want to see a second New Deal, and they certainly don't want to see government activism vindicated. So they are reaching for any stick they can find with which to beat proposals for increased government spending."
Krugman goes on to debunk some of the arguments against the plan -- particularly the idea that tax cuts are inherently superior to new spending. But, he concludes, the critics don't matter much: "Most Americans aren't listening. The most encouraging thing I've heard lately is Mr. Obama's reported response to Republican objections to a spending-oriented economic plan: "I won." Indeed he did -- and he should disregard the huffing and puffing of those who lost."


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