Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't worry, Rush, it's going to all be okay...

Above: Rush telling Tom Delay where to stab him before the Inauguration.

Some notable quotes:
"On his radio show last week, Rush Limbaugh railed against "people on our side of the aisle who have caved and who say, 'Well, I hope he succeeds. We have to give him a chance.'"

"Why?" Limbaugh demanded. "They didn't give Bush a chance in 2000."

We also have a little nugget from the ever evil/trying to stay relevant Tom Delay:
If Obama were "serious" about changing Washington, DeLay said, "He would announce to the world: 'We are in crisis, we are at war, people are losing jobs; we are not going to have this party. Instead, I'm going to get sworn in at the White House. I'm going to have a nice little chicken dinner, and we'll save the $125 million.'"

Tom DeLay being concerned about saving tax-payers money is like a Jack Bauer being worried about wasting bullets.

'Nuff said about these a-holes. At least it seems Newt is keeping his mouth shut and plots his machinations in private.

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