Friday, January 30, 2009

SHOCKER! GOP pick black man to lead them too!

First there was Hilary Clinton. She was so popular that she nearly became the Democratic candidate for President.

Days later, the GOP is looking to appear fresh and vital... get a little bit of the progressive edge to not make them look like a bunch of old white guys for a party mostly of old white guys. And so...

SARAH PALIN IS BORN! Skirt! Heels! Vagina! Estrogen! Surely this shows they can be every bit as forward thinking as those liberals.

Alas, their "Hilary-lite" choice had more star-power than political acumen, and was soon discredited by the majority of informed voters.

Well, at least the GOP learned a lesson. Never again would they cynically pick a leader in a desperate attempt to appear progressive. Surely they would reform themselves now, and base their decisions based on a true desire to dig deep and figure out what they truly have to offer the country in the 21st century.


Michael Steele will be the next chairman of the Republican National Committee, after being endorsed by Ken Blackwell (the guy who helped Karl Rove rip off votes in Ohio during the 2004 election.) Black! Dark skinned! Black! Like Obama! Did we mention he was BLACK?

WOW! How progressive! How forward thinking.


Don't bother answering that. As a funny aside, the other guy in the running just had to quit a whites-only country club. I guess since he lost, he can rejoin now. Whew.


Tim said...

Now we know the GOP is on it's way out. Can't say I'm sad to see you go. Maybe we can bring back the whig party.

Jay said...

I find it absolutely insane. How cynical.