Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama administration may or may not be transparent, but at least it's less pixelated

As Cheney leaves office, Google Earth map magically de-pixelates

From Gizmodo via Valleywag:
Google Maps' satellite imagery has shown us clear shots of the White House, the Capitol and even the Pentagon. But one thing it never displayed properly was Dick Cheney's house.

The Vice President's quarters, located at the Naval Observatory since 1974, have been pixelated ever since Google has given the public an easy way to check them out—coincidentally ever since Dick Cheney has lived there. This censorship wasn't by Google but those supplying Google the source images, the U.S. Geological Survey.
It always pissed me off the Cheney had the audacity to order that. He was way too secretive as it was. And, of course, a total dick.

As a sidenote, the user comments from Gizmodo's article on this were absolutely priceless... here are some theories on why the images were pixelated:
"Cheney is so dark and evil his very presence distorts light."

"Probably trying to hide his baby-raping factory."

"He doesn't want Google to catch him shooting a friend in the face."

"Cheney actually gives off a powerful electromagnetic field, sort of like Magneto from X-Men but more evil. The result is significant enough to interfere with imaging satellites and makes him unreachable by phone and thus unaccountable for anything."
Here is a link to some history on the VP's digs.

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