Friday, June 15, 2007

Don't worry, it's still perfectly legal in Massachusetts

THE LEAST YOU NEED TO KNOW: Gay marriage in Massachusetts upheld. Prudes and homophobes upset.

From Erika Hayasaki, LA Times Staff Writer:

In a victory for supporters of gay marriage, Massachusetts lawmakers on Thursday blocked a measure to let voters decide whether a constitutional amendment should ban same-sex marriage in the only state that allows it.

State legislators killed the ballot proposal after a four-year attempt by conservative groups to override a historic 2003 court decision that legalized gay marriage in Massachusetts.

Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, which backed the measure, said opponents of same-sex marriage were "disappointed and shocked" by the defeat.

This is great news. I think people should do what they want, and any one who stays up at night worried about homosexuals really needs to start thinking about helping to solve more pressing matters. I'm sure you can find quotes in the Bible that have to do with things other than damning gays.

If only people would obsess over the enviroment or human rights as much as they worry about these two fine young Americans pictured above. Ladies, you are patriots in my book... keep up the good work.


varmac said...

Hey your missing the point!
And you should worry cuz this is how Mass Pol's operate! Fear mongering whores that spread BS if you do not tow their ideological line. That if you oppose losing Your constitutional right to have the PEOPLE, remember those ,We the People to decide what the law of the land is you are a homophobe or a hater. Bullshit If I want to vote that means I want you MR POL to do the will of the people, not what YOU think works for you to pander to some powerful lobby . This time folks are happy because it is gay marriage no biggy but what happens when these SOBs sell us out on say oh I don't know illegal Immigration (oh that;'s right they are undocumented Americans -Harry Reid - forgien nationals being called undocumented Americans this country is FUCKED) calling these folks illegal is demeaning and oh yeah Factual but hell no we can't allow facts to get in they way of our ideology. if Mass were to ban gay marriage, so what" we can and will just turn around and add civil unions...the net result is the same. Wow it a good thing we don't let the people decide things or we might end up in a war in Iraq opps strike that we are in a war in iraq and the People had NO say,,, The truth is this decision was made by the Mass SJC not THE PEOPLE! The people we not given voice

I am not opposed to gay marriage but I am opposed to a bunch of pol's deciding that the PEOPLE do not need a voice... this is the second time when the people of Mass have voiced the desire to have their Voice heard but were thwarted by lobby pandering POLS...

That is the real issue here DUDE

Jay said...

Well put! That said I do think the Judge acted in line with the Constitution basic rights to all citizens, no? This is worthy of thought. Thanks Chris!

varmac said...

Maybe so but the ends NEVER justifies the mean Mr Nixon! :-) Remember it was the Judges that upheld that slavery and later dicrimination was CONSITUTIONAL!! When the judical branch starts doing the job of the legislative it is setting a precedent for Legal Fascism which of course leds to well you can imagine...let the people vote if they vote wrong challange it in the Surpreme court but the Judges MADE this law NOT their job ,theirs is to interpret law not make it. That is my issue not whether people whom love each ohter can marry. In fact I think the goverment should get out of the marrage biz anyway...