Monday, June 18, 2007

I dare you to stare into the icy cold eyes of this magnificent bastard

THE LEAST YOU NEED TO KNOW: Mike Gravel is running for President. He appears worthy of the gig.

For anyone who has actually been able to find the debates on television, and if so sit through them, you get to see a couple of gunslingers with little chance of winning, mostly because they lack the cash. With that kind of pressure off them, they get to do the much needed service of holding the "leading" (read: bankrolled) candidates accountable. On the Republican side you have Ron Paul, on for the Dems you have former Senator Mike Gravel. I like this guy. He doesn't talk like the others. He also doesn't get the exposure like the others, even in the dreadfully unequal debates. To help counter this, he's done a few viral youtube videos, like the one above.

Julie Mason from Beltway Confidential puts it all nicely:
Former Sen. Mike Gravel continues to crazy-up the Democratic presidential campaign, in the best sense of the words. We love, love, love his opaque new videos, which feature the candidate staring mutely into the camera, dropping a big rock into some water, and sitting mournfully by a fire.

What is the inscrutable, irascible Gravel up to? Campaign press secretary Shaun Alexander Colvin told MSNBC that "the senator has a very artistic spirit."

"It's about a candidate looking you in the eye," Colvin said. "He's laying himself out, exposing himself, showing who he is. He's a man who'll look you in the eye. He could've been standing in the park making political statements and promises and such, and he's doing just the opposite. His message is out there. He's articulated it for a year. He's standing by his word. And giving you a chance to see who he is."

He's more than a pretty face: Here's some clips:

His YouTube Channel is here.

Go git'em, tiger. Someone worthy of consideration.

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