Friday, June 8, 2007

SCHADENFREUDE ALERT: Paris back in jail, but is fame affecting the severity of her sentence?

From The Superficial:
Paris Hilton has been ordered back to jail in Lynwood and will serve out her sentence with a credit for the 5 days she's already served. Reporters say she was crying through the entire process and, when Judge Michael Sauer gave his decision, she let out a huge cry and said, "This isn't right." She was then physically dragged out of the courtroom by a female deputy, in tears, screaming, "Mom, Mom, Mom."

Paris, I'm afriad it IS right to serve your time, regardless of your feeling the judge is treating you unfairly.

I do feel bad for her, I would guess that despite her endless socializing, she's a fairly lonely person. I don't know if she has the capacity to contemplate her situation and how her or her excessive lifestyle is perceived. If anything, it seems her fame is making the situation far harder than it may otherwise be, for the attention on the case makes it a test of the justice system's fairness.
From Reuters: The sheriff denied Hilton was given preferential treatment, saying that under an early release program established to ease overcrowded jails she was actually serving more time than other inmates in the same low-level category.

"Under our early release program, she would not have served any time in our jail, or would have been directly put on our home electronic monitoring system," he said. "So the special treatment, in a sense, appears to be ... more time in jail."
After hearing the statement by Sheriff Baca, who released her to house arrest yesterday, it's clear he only had her best intentions at heart, though his actions were specifically prohibited by the judge. Click here to see his statement on

I don't feel too good about posting the pictures of her crying in the police car today -- they seem too personal. Go to The Superficial to view those.

Thanks Judge Sauer, you restored some of my faith in the justice system, though it's unfortunate that Paris (or anybody) would need to suffer to do so. I would be interested to learn what was behind your decision to prohibit her to house arrest, though I have to say I agree with it.

Court photo courtsey AP, Sheriff photo courtesy MSNBC

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